Our Community.

The collective force valuing collaboration over competition.
We act for people and planet.



The collective force valuing collaboration over competition. 
We act for people and planet.

Members of the community on an event day helping to clean up the environment
Members of the community on an event day helping to clean up the environment


The collective force valuing collaboration over competition. 
We act for people and planet.

Together we can make the sustainable attainable.

 We are building a global community of purpose/impact-driven leaders. These entrepreneurs, impact investors, CEOs, sustainability directors and humanitarian workers, are united by their efforts in tackling the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues through their work. Below are a small selection of the hundreds that are part of our community.

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Why join our community?

Apply today to collaborate and co-create on initiatives to regenerate our broken systems and build a world we are all proud of. The conversation is open to everyone, because it needs to be. We can all make a difference.

Discover - Kind Community approved brands and products that are serious about taking action.

Updates - Email on the latest sustainability news, hacks and impact progress.

Early bird access - Be first to learn about events, product launches and innovations within the sustainability space.

Take part
- Contribute and collaborate in climate regeneration to protect our planet for future generations. Before it’s too late.

- Access to online educational resources, webinars and coaching.

- Connect with like-minded individuals that share the same values. Invited to be part of our slack community

Members Perks - Discounts on sustainable products and services.

Social Impact - For every subscription/membership, we plant a tree and fund ocean clean ups.

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The Kind Community Show

the kind community show with activists founders influencers

Where we share and celebrate stories of founders, activists and influencers committed to climate positivity. Accessible across all social channels and podcast players.

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Sustainable Development

Home Grown

6:30pm - 10pm

Making the sustainable, attainable. What does this mean? Is 'accessible' the better term? Join us and industry leaders in conversation.

Sustainability covers more than just the environment. It's about the social landscape that interacts with it.

We want to cultivate a space where industry leaders and advocates can forward conversations of inclusive growth, including allyship in tackling eco-ableism, whether we should strive for attainability or accessibility, and how collaboration is the most effective way to tackle the climate crisis.

Alongside carefully curated talks, we'll be hosting a live panel discussion exploring the true nature of attainability, and how we build the future in an accessible, inclusive way. Stick around after the event to further the discussion, and network with like-minded people.

Our guest panelists:
Pauline Lewis: Group head of Talent & Diversity at Selfridges Group

Linda Riley: Publisher of DIVA Magazine & Founder of European Diversity Awards

Jojo Sureh: Founder of Cook to Care

Read our community-curated blog here.

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Join the community and stay informed.

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