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We support purpose-led brands building a kinder future.

Do More Good, Feel Empowered and Become a Sustainable Success

The growth community, led by exited founders, for brands looking to scale purposeful profits.Learn more about our community
As an early-stage entrepreneur, building a brand that does good for the world can feel isolating and daunting.
Now, imagine being part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors all dedicated to creating a positive impact and a better future.
With our unique ecosystem and unwavering mission, we provide the support, tools, knowledge, and capital you need.
Don't build alone—let hundreds of us help you along the way.
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Courses and resources created by experienced entrepreneurs and experts to fast-track your business and impact.
Tap into the knowledge, support, and community that will help you take your business to the next level.
Get advice from an expert in group or one-one-one settings and break through business barriers and scale purposeful profits.

“If we are all working towards the same goal, then why not work together”

Kiana, Founding Member

"On every level we really appreciate all you are doing for us, more than I am able to put into words”.

luke and kirstie sherriff pinks boutique
Luke Sherriff, Co-Founder
Pinks Boutique = 10% increased conversion rate | 70% increase in orders

"Kind brought me a lot of structure and guidance in terms of what to do for marketing. The team really show that they care for your clients and want to see them succeed. The way that they connect like-minded people across industries is great as well!"

Loes van Dijk founder of loud law testimonial
Loes van Dijk, Founder
Loud Law
Collaboration over competition

We believe in doing good for both people and the planet by working together to make the sustainable attainable and accessible.

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