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We're a community of impact businesses, and our growth agency launches and scales sustainable businesses building a better future.

Tackling some serious climate doomism.

Fed up of headlines leaving people upset and scared into inaction?

Looking for climate-positivity and support?

A good few years ago Isabella and Caner decided they wanted to create a business that helps other businesses.

After assembling a crack team of creatives, growth hackers and climate-storytellers, KIND quickly became a community-focussed agency dedicated to social and environmental positivity.

Check us out. We might just be able to help you have an impact you never thought possible.

πŸ‘€ at our work, launch and scale services to find out if we can help your business.

Looking to grow with others?

🏭 17+ tonnes of carbon reduction.

🌳15k trees planted in our forest.

🚰 5+ years of life-saving water.

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We have been faced with the biggest opportunity humanity has ever faced, the climate crisis.

It is our responsibility to reverse this detrimental threat and we don't have much time. We must take action collaboratively as a community to create a better future for generations to come.

We must not only change mindsets, but also shift consumer purchasing habits. It’s inevitable that people will continue to consume, but we have the potential to influence who they consume from.

People want change and we are here to make that change happen.

We put consideration of people and planet, at the heart of everything we do. The products we showcase, the brands we support, the services we provide and the ideas we champion reflect a regenerative community.

While there is power in individualistic change, we believe that impactful change can only happen through collaboration.

Kind Community stands for change. Working for the conscious consumers with sustainable brands.

Providing hope for a better future.

Want to be part of our community?

You'll be in good company.

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