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Ready to take your impact business to the next level?

Wherever you are in your sustainable business journey, don't do it alone.

Access all the tools and talent you need to survive today, and thrive tomorrow.


What others say about the community

If we are working towards the same goal, then why not work together. We share knowledge, positivity and customers.

Kiana & Joshua - Founding Members
Co-founders of Tooth.Eco

I joined to connect with likeminded ecopreneurs. So far we love it! It's so easy to use and connect with people.

Francis Grahner
Co-founder of Carbonii

All the tools you need to thrive

Access to growth resources, videos and step-by-step training that covers EVERY aspect of scaling your impact brand.

  • Branding & Positioning
  • High converting eCommerce sites
  • Highly profitable Meta ads
  • Scaling on TikTok

Growth resources are being constantly added to and updated so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Communities are more powerful than individuals.

Being part of this community will help you connect and partner with founders, influencers and investors in the sustainable space and amplify your impact.

You've come to a Kind place.

Sustainability doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

It’s creative, collaborative and an essential part of the future of business. We just need more people like you involved in the conversation.

Our community is a safe space where constant learning and questioning is encouraged.

It's for anyone who:

📝 Wants to learn more about sustainability

🤩 Wants to celebrate climate positivity and the creativity of the solutions

🍃 Works in sustainability

🎓 Transfer their skills towards impact

What you'll get

Who's already part of our community?


Our community is open to everyone passionate about co-creating and scaling solutions for a kinder, regenerative future.

We have founders from cleantech, healthtech, wellness, vegan and ethical startups. We also have an awesome bunch of freelancers, intrapreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with just an idea.

To help increase diversity in both the entrepreneurship and climate space, our intake prioritises participants from minority ethnic and LGBTQIA+ communities.

We do monthly intakes. We want to ensure that all of the members in our Community are aligned with our vision of making sustainability attainable and accessible for all. Whilst we review your intake form, you will have access to our Stream membership.

Once we have reviewed your form, we will set up an introductory call to take you through your membership. You'll then get access to our exclusive monthly workshops, meet-ups, worksheets, discounts, access to all recordings of past workshops plus entry into our Slack community. That’s where you can network, ask questions and make friends!

Your membership is billed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled any time.

We are aiming to build a diverse and inclusive global community. We take into consideration all timezones and accessibility requirement when hosting our events.

Our community is primarily for founders but it's also very helpful in building resilient friendships and career connections to all in the sustainability space.

If you haven't started you own business yet, our community can help you shape the proposition and give valuable feedback.

We don't want price to be an obstacle to you being part of our community and making impact. Please email us with subject line: Accessible along with your application full name and we will review your request for access.

Applications are open for our next cohort.

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