A family business

The Stonemart transforms outdoor spaces by providing natural stone and porcelain paving—direct from the mine and at accessible prices.

Their supply chain was fair and transparent. Their approach to customer service was grounded and honest.

They were the kind of business that did some really amazing stuff behind the scenes, but like so many brands, they weren’t communicating this.

So when Aarti approached us and asked for help consolidating messaging and setting up The Stonemart’s very first email flows, our {X service} was the perfect fit.



Not a time to cut corners

When a new client comes to KIND looking for this service offering, we usually direct them through a Typeform that asks some pretty top-level questions about their brand. It collects information, inputted by the client, about perceptions of their business, the niche problems they’re facing and general audience info.

This helps our creatives hit the ground running, so when we do jump on a call with the Founders or project managers, we’re prepped with pointed questions that really get to the crux of a brand.

So as our communications strategist chatted to Aarti about The Stonemart, it became clear that they were highly customer-focussed and wanted to maintain (while improving) their conversational charm. This was something they’d mentioned in their form, but it was good to hone in on why this was important.

When it came to striking deals with contractors and independents, being candid was key. This meant taking a down-to-Earth, honest approach to copy. In cruder terms, we knew a no-BS way of talking would go a long way.



Setting things in stone

So what came included in The Stonemart’s new internal messaging guide?

  • Two new value propositions. One for B2C and another for B2B.
  • A realignment of the missions and competitor differentiators.
  • Background info on the business’ family origins, written well enough for it to be easily spliced into an about page.
  • External messaging concepts and alternative taglines. 

It really was a thorough document, and it formed a superb basis from which to write and design everything from a welcome series right through to browse abandonment, post-purchase, win-backs and abandoned cart flows (for both B2B and B2C).