Lining it up...

Verta Golf brings sustainability to the golfing world. Its keystone product, Clean Strike, is the most eco-effective club and gear cleaner to hit the market yet.

Adam wanted consolidation of his brand's messaging. Language that really brought the 'cool' out in the product and prepared Verta Golf for brand expansion.

He really needed a strong basis from which the brand could be built out. A clearer, more distinct voice. Plus some solid email marketing that nurtured loyalty and communicated value to potential customers.


A hit

Our internal messaging and email marketing services were perfect for Verta Golf, much as they have been for many positive-impact businesses looking to grow.

The process kicked off with our in-house Copywriter sitting down with Verta Golf's Founder. This wasn't just for a casual chat and some tea. We wanted to download as much information as possible about the brand, its origins, target audience, current positioning and appetite for change.

It was quickly revealed that Verta Golf was putting huge amounts of work into ensuring its products were as 'green' and bio-friendly as possible—but this wasn't being communicated.

Adam wanted it to be clear that his products were far from green-washing, but a lot of his current creative and copy just wasn't shouting about the ingredients, approach and values of the brand. You can imagine many conscious consumers wondering what it was exactly that made Clean Strike just so clean?

We got to work crafting an enhanced internal messaging guide, including background info about the brand, some creative copy direction, a summarisation of renewed brand pillars, and (much like our work with Used & Loved) some external messaging examples to help contextualise it all. Many of these examples made it through to the email marketing flows, set up after some minor changes to the doc.



What messaging angle did we take?

Clean Strike as a product was nicely designed. It worked like a dream. Verta Golf already had some decent social-proofing.

What we felt was really needed was a tighter identity. A little something that made them feel unique (without being cliche) and yet didn't stray too far from the wants and needs of the key audience.

In shorter terms: it had to be cool and edgy, but practical and honest.

To this end, our Copywriter took a matter-of-fact, tonally-scientific approach to the brand's language. This equated to naming the chemical elements used in the product, listing their benefits and presenting them in their compound and periodic forms. It meant 'inventing' a phrase: 'ecochemical'. Look that up in the dictionary and you won't find it, but think about what it means and you've got yourself a cornerstone of Verta Golf's identity.

'You can't invent words!' shout the boring writers... Yes, you can actually. And it works.

KIND Tip: Verta Golf had one extra differentiator going for it. Something that could be used to create fascination, intrigue and remembrance. It smelled great. Seriously. This wasn't being communicated, but it was almost like a pre-made (and highly tangible) signifier that marked its difference from other, similar products.
Now think: does your product or service offering have anything that others don't? Anything a bit weird? How could you communicate this? Don't be afraid to go a bit wild with your messaging; sometimes what seems 'too far' to you as a founder might actually be your golden ticket to a memorable identity.