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The Lone Design Club was right up our street. They do some powerful work—bringing ethical, independent clothing to customers that reject fast fashion.

Their vision was bold. Their style, bolder. Their pop-up stores find their way into all corners of the UK.

We think they represent a core movement in retail.

When their founder Rebecca and head of digital marketing, Kathryn, reached out to us for help they wanted to see some positive change in her key site metrics.



We stripped it back to what mattered (and what drove results)

It takes a good marketeer to understand when to keep things simple. When a paid acquisition funnel will work for a brand, it will work for a brand.

Sound a bit reductionist? It’s not, honestly.

Keeping marketing minimal can help to keep it accurate. That’s why with LDC. we stuck to solid copy. Spent a bit of time optimising site conversion rates. We built out strong visuals, keeping it original (or even user-generated) where we could and relied heavily on studio-shot work.



KIND Tip: It might seem obvious, but many people forget that a strong visual is usually the only scroll-stopper you have.

Make your creative stand out (but don’t ever tell your designer to make it ‘pop’)! Think about how your brand colours could be used in an arresting way. How can you place your target audience into the ad? How can your visual extend the idea of your copy (and vice versa)? Think about maximum impact.

But make sure your design is strong. You’ll likely continue to see results with ads cobbled together, especially if you know how to work the algorithm—but long term this could damage perception of your brand. Find your balance between arresting visuals and consistent brand identity.



At the mercy of the machine?

Here’s the truth about digital advertising. Sometimes what you expect to work just won’t. When you throw an ad out into the churning void of Meta, it’s almost not up to you anymore. How and where your ad gets shown can change.

The best thing to do is test. Send something out and observe. 

There are things we can do that work regardless, like including people—smiling people—in your creatives. The urgency of your copy can have a big impact too. Get to the point. Agitate an issue. Provide a solution.

Stick to what you know works and keep those elements consistent across your paid ads. Then, test on the periphery—push and pull on the boundaries.

It will work.



The proof

8.38x Return on Advertising Spend

+130% Average Order Value

+30% Total Online Sales