The Wonders of Email Marketing...

The Bottled Baking Co. A family-owned business from Yorkshire. They bottle some seriously tasty cake, cookie and brownie mixes—bringing together family fun and a love of home baking (minus the mess). It’s an easy-to-use and easy-to-love product—a memory-creator, as we like to say.

Each bottle they sell plants a tree. They’re almost totally palm-oil-free. Only the best quality ingredients make it into their products. A truly wholesome, positive-impact brand.

When Founder Greg approached KIND his products were already stocked nationwide in big retailers like John Lewis. Things were looking good…

So what was the problem?

The Bottled Baking Co.’s eCommerce channels weren’t so sweet. After KIND conducted an in-depth audit, it became clear that this thriving six-figure business had a half-baked revenue source.

Clearly, it was time to get cooking.

Greg hadn’t yet invested in any email marketing, which meant core flows like a Welcome Series, Post-Purchase, and Browse Abandonment weren’t bringing in the revenue they could.

And when flows like this can frequently make up over 30% of a brand’s revenue, it’s a good idea not to miss out!

So we fixed it, and then some.

First up was getting to know The Bottled Baking Co. At KIND we like to familiarise ourselves with a brand and its identity before any work starts. So we downloaded from Greg (and his drive) all style and tone guidelines, assets, colours—you name it, we absorbed it.

Our team got to work drafting their first welcome series.

The aim? Typically in a flow like this, you want to narrate your brand story—showcase why your product can genuinely improve the lives of customers, and demonstrate why there’s value in what you sell. Do this right, and you build what every business spends millions on: emotional connection and customer loyalty.

Designs were drawn up. Copy was written. We went through a review and approval process and, pretty damn swiftly, the flow went live.

And we didn’t stop here.

post purchase flow example

We also created the core email flows, being an automated win-back, browse-abandonment, abandoned cart and post-purchase flows, including specific campaigns for wholesale, too.

KIND TIP: 70% of visitors abandon their carts first time around. Target this group well (with some tactful messaging) and you could be adding 15-17% of revenue to your business. With just one, automated flow.

For many of our clients, we find that sending two emails depending on whether a customer has shopped before or not produces really good results.

Some of these emails come branded. Others come from Greg. Creating contrast like this means personal notes from the founder become super effective.

Altogether, this helped drive 6% of revenue in the first 30 days (that would have otherwise been missed).

KIND TIP: It can be important to shift your voice and approach for B2C and B2B messaging. Consider how these audiences might differ for your brand before you go out and write.

The success of this project led us to other untouched growth channels. Things like site optimisation and social advertising campaigns. Stuff that drives traffic (and converts it).

Fast-forward a good few months, and we’re now managing eCommerce for the brand. We’ve recently upgraded the flows. Improved audience segmentation with preference campaigns. Designed all-new email templates to fit the ever-increasing demand for dark mode UX.

One of our most recent projects had our resident copywriter zapping new life into some worn-out product descriptions. We’ll be tracking the progress of this closely.

The success of KIND’s work with The Bottled Baking Co. has even extended to one of the company's other ventures: The Doggy Baking Co.

Nothing gets in the way of cake...

It can be really tough to jump into (and build out from) a brand that’s already grown an identity. For creative marketing teams, it means ensuring technical details like brand colours, appropriate logo use and tone of voice styles are all up to scratch.

But it also means understanding the spirit of a brand—the very reason they exist in the first place, especially important for purpose-led businesses.

Holding meetings with Greg where our designers and copywriters could chat through the story and motivation behind The Bottled Baking Co. meant that, as we grew together, our team wasn’t just imitating what had come before. We were adding to—enhancing their brand, keeping them true to style, yet fresh and exciting to newly-engaged customers.

It can often be a challenge for creative marketing agencies to adopt guidelines that they haven’t developed themselves. But because at KIND we work with purpose-led brands whose values are closely aligned with ours, this process is made easier. We were able to adopt The Bottled Baking Co.’s groovy visuals and punny voice simply because our team understood it.

The good stuff 

3x return on investment*
+ 22% increase in revenue*
*all within the first 30 days

8.19x return on advertising spend (Q4 2021)


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