Why an award-winning brand approached us…

Pinks Boutique: a multi-award-winning organic and certified vegan skincare brand. Now that’s a lot of accolades. They’re all about skincare, done the right way.

Their products are sustainably sourced, free from petroleum, never test on or use ingredients derived from animals, and remain staunchly opposed to green-washing—something they, as pioneers of toxin-free beauty products, know to be all too prominent in the industry.

Being a brand born from a human scientist and a historian of South-Eastern Asia, Luke & Kirstie knew a thing or two about humanising beauty and drawing on natural remedies. 

So what was this beauty brand looking for that they didn’t have?

They wanted to scale—bringing their product and spa services to a wider, digital community.

Naturally, KIND became the reliable agency partner choice for Pinks Boutique. They were looking for eCommerce and digital development experts, and we could deliver. A team with the resources and creative thinking required to build their brand online.


Implementing, scaling and providing ever-green value

There are plenty of ways to build a brand online. But one tried and tested route is to optimise your site. A functional and easy-to-use site can do wonders for conversion rate and establishing your brand's reputation. It proves professionality, showing new customers (and loyal ones) that you just know what you’re doing.

But while we initially focused on digital development, it became clear to KIND

that Pinks Boutique was also ready for consolidation of their messaging and visuals; some brand development that redefined, repositioned and enhanced what they already had. 

The plan was to build and implement a reaffirmed identity.

This development came in the form of a workshop which proposed colours, stylisation, messaging hierarchies, creative direction for future content, channel analysis, and tweaked value propositions.

After style guideline sign-off, we started with optimisation of the Pinks Boutique site. This created a solid base upon which we could start sending traffic.

And that’s exactly what we did.

 KIND Tip: Most site visitors leave a website after just three seconds of loading time. Consider resizing your images, trying out lazy-loading or simplifying your site content to what’s actually needed—this will decrease load times and increase foot-fall across all your pages.

Thing is, Luke and Kirstie were looking for great content, too. For them, a digital marketing agency like KIND offered a simple time-saving way of producing solid creative that worked—and on a budget.

We produced value-aligned targeted ads and other miscellaneous creative assets, some original and some upgrading content the brand already had. The sort of work that doubled as suitable for site-use, as well as Instagram and Facebook ads.

Strong. Efficient. Good value and ever-green. We worked with this client back in 2020, and nearly 2 years later our work is still turning in results for them.


Getting under the skin

Like many conscious consumers, Luke and Kirstie were all too fed-up with green-washing. Why is it the case that people have to dig deep into a brand, do their research and fact-check a product or service to determine whether it’s been marketed truthfully?

Overcoming the unfortunate untrustworthiness caused by unethical brands poses a challenge for digital marketing agencies when coming to market genuinely good businesses. How do you show you’re honest in a world of dishonesty?

Our solution was to understand and encourage communication about what’s ‘beneath the surface’ of their products. We wanted to bring clear, direct information to consumers, before they had to ask for it.

This meant offering free samples, educational and thought-leadership pieces and no-quibble, money-back return policies. Their tweaked TOV from the branding workshop helped these pieces come to life, too.

Simple things? Sure. But it takes good thinking and audience awareness to action this. These techniques all slickened the purchasing process and addressed the understandable doubts of consumers.

It’s interesting because, at KIND, when we work with a brand that’s positive-impact, we like to do the same—get under the surface, get to the why and how.

As experts in marketing to conscious consumers, we take great pride in doing that customer research ourselves, and so deeply understand the need when it comes to others.



The stats to prove it

21.48x Return on Advertising Spend

+10% Conversion Rate

+70% Total Orders