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Claim your free 30-minute growth strategy session👇🏽

What to expect

During your free no-obligation growth strategy session (£450 value) we'll show you how to get more clients, lifetime-value and make more impact than you ever thought possible.

If we're a good fit and your business qualifies, we'll get collaborating.

If not, you'll at least walk away with some valuable growth advice to apply to your business.

Kind Community growth marketing 360 growth audit

1️⃣ 360º Growth Audit

We'll analyse your traffic channels, positioning and content to identify key areas of growth.

Growth of positive impact brands

2️⃣ Optimised Recommendations

We'll use our 15+ years of experience of building sustainable ventures to provide a timeline, cost and roadmap to achieve your goals. You'll get a customised outline of how to find your ideal conscious customers and build on the positive impact you're making.

growth results

3️⃣ Scale with Proven Strategies

We'll implement our proven KIND purposeful-profit growth strategies to create triple digit growth for your positive-impact brand

"The team really show that they care for your clients and want to see them succeed. The way that they connect like-minded people across industries is great as well!"

Loes van Dijk founder of loud law testimonial
Loes Van Dijk ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Founder - LoudLaw

“I have spent a number of years in business looking for the holy grail in eCommerce; someone smart and entrepreneurial who properly understands the digital space and how organic presence can be enhanced for real results.”

Amanda Thomson Founder of Thomson and Scott Vegan Organic Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine
Amanda Thomson ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Founder - Thomson & Scott
+682% Monthly orders +175% Conversion Rate #1 Amazon Bestseller (May, June, July 2020)

Some of our work

Want to learn how we grew our own sustainable brand from 0 to 6 figures per month?

Join our cofounder, Caner with his insights into how he scaled the global sustainable fashion care brand, Liquiproof:

- The 3 barriers to growth that every founder faces 🚧

- The 3 levers of growth 🚀

- The sustainable growth strategy 💸

Watch Workshop


We aim to respond to all enquiries within 5 working days.

Once we engage we conduct a 2 - 4 week diagnosis phase to truly understand the problems and hurdles within your business.

After diagnosing the opportunities we will prescribe a solution that, depending on the complexity, can take weeks to months to treat.

We need to understand if we are a good fit and how the world is a better place with you in it.

That's what the quiz above helps with.

Then it's diagnosis, we need to know as much as possible about your business. What are the challenges you are facing today? What are your business targets? How are you measuring success?

Next, we will then set about prescribing a remedy.

Each business is different and so are their problems and goals. This means our solutions are tailored to your needs and objectives, and the price will be too.

But to be transparent, you'll likely need to invest at least £2000/month to see tangible results.

Depending on your needs, we would need 5 – 7 weeks to perform an analysis of your channels and campaigns, interview your customers, create an ideal client profile, have a growth marketing workshop with your team, draft a KPI plan, create a channel & content strategy and finish your roadmap.
From there we'll start running the campaigns and typically you can expect to see results almost immediately.

The KIND Growth Accelerator Programme is an exclusive invite only all-access pass for founders solving the world's biggest climate issues. It's a 6 month intensive programme with chance to gain investment of £100k - £1m for successful startups.

We de-risk the startup building process because the planet doesn’t have time for false starts.